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Flying Pole at Aerial Life

Besides other aerial classes Aerial Life runs a Flying Pole class. It is a dance, a sport, an art and a performance in one move. If you would like to try something new, or continue to learn futher, you are more than welcome to join our friendly team!

This class, as other aerial classes, is for everyone, from completely beginners to advanced flyers. You shouldn’t be very sportive, athletic or flexible to start, or have any dance experience. The only you need is your motivation to reach your dreams. And we are here to help you. We will introduce and teach you with all foundational moves step by step, helping you to develop your unique style.

Flying Pole class is a great way to loose weight, strength muscles (especially back and upper body), improve your flexibility, and get taut body!

Look at our flying pole beginners! You can be one of them!

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Do you wish to drop in one of our Flying Pole classes? Come and try delightful aerial techniques on a Tester class and we promise you will definitely enjoy it.

All our aerial and pole classes are held in the Westside School in London.

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Come and join us! It doesn't matter if you are girl or boy to became part of a big circus team!

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