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Other classes that Aerial Life studio offers you, are Trapeze and Aerial Hoop classes in Hammersmith, West London.

The Trapeze and Aerial Hoop are the circus apparatuses, with the help of which air gymnasts perform stunning and breathtaking stunts. The trapeze and aerial hoop are the most effective types of air gymnastics.

In addition to the incredible beauty and romance of the circus, the trapeze and aerial hoop exercises contributes to the strengthening of all muscle groups, developing the dexterity and endurance, flexibility and grace.

Our Trapeze and Aerial Hoop classes are suitable for both beginners and those who have experience and would like to improve their skills.


  • Gerald
    Posted 15th July 2019 9:07 pm 0Likes

    Want to know about cost / availability of trapeze class or intro for friend and myself to do together

  • Gera
    Posted 16th July 2019 10:35 am 0Likes

    Hi Gerald. We have trapeze classes for beginners ( intro) on Thursday at 8pm. £20 single class. £60 – 4weeks course. £100 package of 6 classes

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