To book a place in aerial silks class, vertical rope, aerial hoop, static trapeze, aerial net, aerial hammock or flying pole classes
to book your class please contact 07801482145
or email

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Follow these steps to book a class:

  1. If you don’t have an account in our system, them you need to create the account first. Open this link to create the account:  You will be redirected to a page with our available aerial classes.
  2. Then you need to buy credits for the aerial classes booking. Click ‘Shop’ link from the left top corner:

    Click on ‘Shop’ link

  3.  Choose an appropriate package, for example, ‘Drop In any Aerial class’, you can use it to book  only one aerial class. Or, you can choose ‘Package of 6 Aerial classes’, which you can use then to book any 6 aerial classes in two months.
  4.  Buy the chosen aerial package. You will get a confirmation letter with all the details of your aerial class. If you bought a package of classes, then I will put credits on your account, which you will use for booking all these classes.
  5. Go to the Schedule for Aerial classes and now book a class! Enjoy!

If you have any questions, drop us an email and we’ll back to you as soon as possible.