Hi, I’m Gera, the Aerial Life founder and aerial instructor, and I welcome you to join our circus team in my Aerial Life studio. But first I would like to tell you a short story of myself and Aerial Life.

10 years ago

The beginning of everything started in that time.

My abdominal muscles were injured in a car crash. I couldn't lift even 1 kg. But I didn't give up and now I can lift my own body weight.

Persistence and self-belief helped me to achieve such results (and my passion for circus too). That is the reason why I became an aerial instructor, I wish to inspire people, giving them my example.


My experience as aerial instructor has started in 2014 with my first aerial element - a pole. Many people think that to become a circus elements acrobat you need to be hard trained from the very beginning in your childhood. But my experience shows that the only we need is to believe in ourselves, our aspiration and diligence.


Aerial Life was established!


Now Aerial Life is the friendly and comfortable place where you stretch your body, get stronger, more confident and find always something new for yourself. All our aerial instructors recklessly love circus, they are creative and qualified professionals. I'm proud of my team, I'm lucky to work closely with all of them.

Aerial Life offers professional aerial classes to teenagers and adults of all skill levels.

All our aerial and pole classes are held in the Westside School in London.

Check out the classes timetable.

Come and join us! It doesn't matter if you are girl or boy to became part of a big circus team! Create your unique skills with Aerial Life!

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